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Casey Spring, custom spring manufacturing        

Spring manufacturing with rigid quality control processes

e perform rigid quality control checks throughout the entire manufacturing process. 
It starts with the selection of high quality materials and continues throughout every operation to final delivery.  This commitment to quality results in producing high quality products on time at competitive prices.

e have equipment necessary to manufacture springs with wire diameters ranging from .007" to 1.48".  We also do secondary operations such as spring tempering and grinding.

In addition to manufacturing these parts, we pride ourselves in the engineering and research and development department.   Our design engineers are capable of studying your precise spring application needs and they can recommend a practical solution to most design problems.

American spring manufacturing by the American worker.

springs, four sided parts, wire forms, stampings   

springs, four side parts, stampings and wire forms

We manufacture four slide parts in many shapes and sizes. Our capability enables us to produce flat stock parts up to 2" in width and wire forms to .187". 

We also manufacture metal stampings up to 35 ton press capability.

Since 1957 we are dedicated at Casey Spring Company, Inc. to providing our customers with consistently high quality parts.  In order to meet this goal, we have installed a computer system that has a Statistical Process Control program which enables us to constantly monitor the quality of the parts being manufactured. 

To ensure that we are meeting our customers' specifications, we are able to supply them with Statistical Process Control Charts such as histograms and run charts.

Casey Spring, custom spring manufacturing    
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Springs, four side parts, wire forms, stampings to specification made by the American worker